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Trip Participation Policy

For a list of current trips and events, go HERE.) We all go on trips and would like to join others. If you are interested in leading a trip, please let the cruisemaster know. Also, if you are planning your own trip and would like to have company, let us know. We can post the trip on the website. This is another reason to subscribe to the listserv described later in this issue. The listserv provides a way to get information out instantly about trips and other matters at no cost. Please consider subscribing and using it.


Trip participation requires a signed release. Participants must contact the trip leader or sign up at a regularly scheduled meeting. Participants are required to know their abilities and make their own decisions with regard to the trips taken. These are not guided or outfitted trips. Participants must be properly equipped for the trip chosen. PFDís must be worn on all trips. On whitewater trips, participants must furnish properly outfitted (with flotation) whitewater craft and helmets must be worn. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent at all times unless the trip leader makes an exception in the leaderís sole discretion.


Paddling is dangerous and rivers vary on every trip. You are responsible for your own trip decisions. We have made an effort to describe the difficulty of the trips as set forth in the following table. However, rivers change, hazards change, weather changes, and water levels change. You must make your own decisions and you may not rely on these evaluations.

N = Novice Beginning paddler who is proficient in flat water, knows basic strokes and can maneuver the boat in Class 1-2 moving water.
I = Intermediate Experienced paddler who is comfortable in the water as well as on it, is proficient in class 2-3 moving water and heavy water, knows eddy turns, and can help in rescues. A decked boater who has learned to roll in current.
A = Advanced A paddler who has been paddling several years and frequently enough to maneuver in all types of rapids, including technical or heavy water in class 4-5. Someone who has a bomb-proof self-rescue or roll in heavy water, but who rarely has to use it because of excellent boat control and judgement. Good at performing rescues in difficult water.
E = Expert The ultimate level of skill, knowledge and judgement. This level is acquired by years of paddling highly challenging and diverse rivers. Makes class 4 look easy, rarely makes mistakes in class 5 and above. Can tell the difference between impossible runs and those which are merely extremely difficult.

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